Why is Online Dating So Popular?

Online dating

Some time ago there was a certain stigma attached to online dating. However as more people have started using it, grounds are now shifting in favor of dating websites and dating apps. In the past whereas it would have been “why are you using online dating apps? Now it’s more like “why haven’t you tried online dating?” This is also true for every other social/cultural phenomenon. As more people get on something the stigma, if it has any, begins to erode.

Convenience and Flexibility

The world is busier than ever before, and there are more people living in urban areas now more than ever before. Meeting people on the streets can be a bit difficult now, due to safety concerns and the fact that people want to have their privacy to themselves. So one is always having to think twice before walking up to a total stranger and starting up a conversation that could then lead to a romantic relationship.

The Internet Has Become Part of Our Lives

The present-day generation of young people have the internet as the playground. They probably all grew up in the internet age, and had started using myspace, yahoo messenger and other messaging websites to interact with friends before they were old enough to date. So with our lives centered and built around the internet, it was only a matter of time, before it pervaded our love lives.

Helps Deals With First Meeting Awkwardness

First meeting people online is a  great way to take care of first date awkwardness. We’ve all been there before, where you meet someone on the first date, and you really can’t find something to talk about. However, dating websites and dating apps have made this first meeting easier. From the person’s profile, you can tell the person’s interests, likes and perhaps where you both have common grounds. So from the beginning, one is able to weed out people that they might not connect with. This feature is especially very helpful for shy people, who have a problem starting up conversations in real life.

Increased Pool Of Prospective Partners

Usually, we date people who are in our sphere of contact. People from work, place of worship or who engage in the same social activities that we do. Dating websites have helped increase the pool of potential mates as there is more opportunity to meet people. The fact that you are aware that the people you are meeting on the dating website want the same thing you want (a partner) makes the interaction easier. So instead of being exposed to say 500 people in your sphere of contact, you can potentially meet 10,000 people or more who you are sure are willing to mingle. This is another benefit of online dating.

Provides Anonymity

As social animals we are very susceptible to being affected by what people think about us, it all becomes worse when these people know us. Online dating protects people from that. So you can reject peoples approaches and also get rejected without feeling so bad about it, this is mostly because since it happens anonymously, you won’t feel so affected by it, after all, there are literarily thousands more you could meet. also it is also a way for one to ensure safety. Those who go through your profile won’t know anything except what you have told them. And if you are not comfortable with them for one reason or the other you can also reject the approach. The anonymity also provides safety is another reason why online dating is getting popular.

From statistics, online dating will keep on growing, just like Tinder in the UK which is said to grow by 25% every month. Not everyone has successfully met their match online, and not all dating apps are actually interested in you meeting your match, it’s just a business for some they and you really won’t blame then as the online dating business is a multi-billion dollar industry.  So it is better you start using free dating apps first, pending when you get the hang of the dating market space.

People are also not totally honest on their profiles, some people on the dating apps are there to take advantage of peoples want for a relationship to defraud them or worse, so care should be taking when using online dating websites.

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