Thoughtful Gifts Ideas For Your Next Hookup

Gifts for Hookup

Even for a hookup or a one-night stand, it is always a welcome gesture and pleasant surprise to offer your partner a small gift to start the day or evening off right.  A small, thoughtful gift can be the perfect way to set the tone for a successful date or tell your hookup that even though this is for tonight only, it is still meaningful to you. Finding a small, exquisite but not too expensive gift for someone you don’t know well can be a daunting challenge.  However, it does not have to be and can be a fun experience. … Read moreThoughtful Gifts Ideas For Your Next Hookup

Friends With Benefits(FWB) – What Does It Really Mean?


‘Friends with benefits‘  (FWB) is commonly defined as a sexual relationship between two people where the primary basis of the relationship is sex with no expectations of a romantic relationship or other commitment.  The Urban Dictionary defines Friends With Benefits as “a friend in which you are allowed sexual activity but no true relationship is involved.  Not a girlfriend or a boyfriend.  The benefit is purely sexual.  Not to be tied with feelings.”  A second definition is “a friend with whom you may occasionally ‘hook up‘ or make out with, etc etc, and may do so without worries about commitment.”… Read moreFriends With Benefits(FWB) – What Does It Really Mean?

Women Don’t Enjoy Casual Sex As Much As Men

Casual Sex

There is a common perception in today’s socially accepted casual sex and casual sex that the women who are participating in this now widespread cultural norm enjoy the experience and sex just as much as the men do.  While it is true that today’s woman is more likely to pursue and engage in casual sex as compared to women from generations earlier, women are still more likely to turn down the opportunity for casual sex than men. In a famous 1978 study conducted at Florida State University by Dr. Russel Clark and Dr. Elaine Hatfield, and confirmed with similar results… Read moreWomen Don’t Enjoy Casual Sex As Much As Men

Do Free Hookup Apps Really Work?

Free Hookup App

The are many apps available today that help people set up a hookup for the casual encounter.  Some of these are free and some charge a service fee to use that app.  Both kinds of apps are extremely popular and used by millions of people, although likely for different reasons.  It’s difficult to know which type of app will really work for you, paid or free.  It’s probably best to experiment with several sites to find the one that best meets your needs and delivers successful hookups that you enjoy.  Regardless, one common questions is Do free hookup apps really work?”… Read moreDo Free Hookup Apps Really Work?

Wild Dating App Versus The Other Free Dating Apps

wild app

For anyone searching for a free dating app at the App Store, there are lots of choices, many of which look alike and seem to offer the same services.  However, there is one online dating app that stands out from the rest:  Wild Dating. What makes Wild stands out among tens of free dating apps? The answer may be different for different people, here are some key reasons that Wild to be one of the best dating apps free for finding love. Wild Dating is the fastest growing free online dating app for hookups, casual dating, or a more serious… Read moreWild Dating App Versus The Other Free Dating Apps

10 Qualities Women are Looking for in Men

men qualities

There are a lot of men out there who are unsuccessful with women when dating. The reason for this may have to do with their false assumptions over what women are looking for in men for long-term relationship. Most men will think women are looking for stereotypical manly traits like a big penis size or six-pack abs. While these physical features certainly wouldn’t hurt, they are not nearly as important as other more basic qualities. These are qualities that most men can obtain if they certainly work on changing themselves for the better. Below are 10 qualities that the majority… Read more10 Qualities Women are Looking for in Men

What Do Women Think About After Having A One-Night Stand?

Woman after one night stand

Women and men have a different approach, thought process and physiological make up about sex and intimacy.  This is true in all aspects of sexual relationships and certainly true when it comes to one-night stands.  Men may be able to enjoy a casual hookup and then move on with their life feeling satisfied and fulfilled by the evening, not looking back.  Women, on the other hand, need to process the events of the night, evaluate their feelings and ensure that everything is in a good place before comfortably moving forward. Regardless of how the night went, how great the sex… Read moreWhat Do Women Think About After Having A One-Night Stand?