Wild Dating App Add a New Feature “Feed” to Help Users Connecting with Their Matches

Wild feed feature

The Wild dating app is growing in popularity because it lets people join the platform without requiring them to provide their social media information. This keeps their dating life separate from their friends and family on Facebook. More importantly, Wild is one of the few free dating apps which doesn’t require you to upgrade to a paid membership in order to send messages to other members. Instead, you are always allowed to communicate with your matches for free.   Wild dating app has also built a reputation as a trustworthy platform because it lets members verify their profile photos. According… Read moreWild Dating App Add a New Feature “Feed” to Help Users Connecting with Their Matches

Free Dating App or Paid Dating App, which is better?

Free Dating App

When it comes to online dating apps, are you better off using free ones over the paid ones? Finding a date online with the help of dating apps can be a bit confusing and intimidating. So here we are to help you explore the dynamics of free and paid online dating apps, and what makes one better from the other. Free Dating Apps – Free dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid help you meet people without costing a penny, and this is why they are a good place to start especially if you are new to online dating. There are… Read moreFree Dating App or Paid Dating App, which is better?

Wild App Makes It Easier to Find Honest Members


Dating and hookup apps are typically susceptible to scammers. Some dating apps might implement security features to help protect their members, such as photo verification or background checks. However, these features can only tell you so much about a person. For instance, a lot of these background checks will only check members against the national sex offender registry. They do not conduct full background checks that verify if the person has committed any other types of crimes, particularly crimes related to fraud. This means you’re still taking a big chance when you go to meet someone through one of these… Read moreWild App Makes It Easier to Find Honest Members

5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making on Casual Sex App

Casual sex

Casual sex apps are different than dating apps for obvious reasons. Dating apps are all about finding other single people and hoping to start a long-term relationship with one of them. This could be a romantic relationship or merely a friendship. However, that is not what people on casual sex apps are looking for. They want to find other people who are interested in casual sex without any strings attached. It doesn’t even matter if these people are single or not because there is no long-term relationship being established here. It is all about sex. Despite the difference between casual… Read more5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making on Casual Sex App

What Does Hookup Mean?


The word “hookup” can be used to describe multiple scenarios where two or more people meet somewhere. Previously, this word simply meant that two people meet at a bar or restaurant just to socialize. But now, hookup has become a word that is synonymous with casual sexual encounters. Some people might refer to this as “friends with benefits.” This is where friends meet for the sole purpose of having sex. There are no strings or long-term commitments attached. They just “hookup” to have sex and that is it. However, hookups don’t even need to be with friends or people that… Read moreWhat Does Hookup Mean?

How to Start a Friend With Benefits (FWB) Relationship and Keep It?


There used to be two types of relationships in this world. There was the relationship you had with friends and the one you had with your romantic partner. However, thanks to the sexual revolution, another type of relationship have been added to the list. This is called FWB -“friends with benefits”and it describes two people who are just friends but are still open to having casual sex with one another for fun. The only question is, how do you find a friend who is interested in having sex with no strings attached? This is where most people have trouble getting… Read moreHow to Start a Friend With Benefits (FWB) Relationship and Keep It?

Wild – The Best “W4M” and “M4W” Personals Ad Alternative


So, you wanna get wild? Thanks to the wonders of new technology, hookup apps are all the rage but one stands out slightly more than the rest. It is called ”Wild“and is actually referred to online as“the fastest way to meet and date with hot singles nearby.” There’s no denying that a description like that is kinda hard to ignore. But how true is it?  Is Wild app the best place for W4M and M4W? Well, here’s a look at some of the features you’ll find at Wild.                          … Read moreWild – The Best “W4M” and “M4W” Personals Ad Alternative

Why is Online Dating So Popular?

online dating

Some time ago there was a certain stigma attached with online dating. However as more people have started using it, grounds are now shifting in favor of dating websites and dating apps. In the past, whereas it would have been“why are you using online dating apps?”, now it’s more like“why haven’t you tried online dating?” This is also true for every other social/cultural phenomenon. As more people get on something the stigma, if it has any, begins to erode. Convenience and Flexibility The world is busier than ever before, and there are more people living in urban areas now more… Read moreWhy is Online Dating So Popular?