10 Hookup Tips For Men

Hookup tips

Hookups, or one-night stands, are a wonderful concept that most men fantasize about on a regular basis.  Some men only dream about the possibility.  Some will get lucky and experience hookups on occasion, and other men just seem to have the right combination of good looks, suave debonair and luck to enjoy them on a regular basis.  For any man who wants to experience the excitement and intrigue of a hookup, there are some things that are easy to do to increase the chances of a hookup happing.

Great hookups and one-night stands can be a challenge to pull off because plenty of things can go wrong between the first hello and the next day.  However, with the right attitude, proper preparation, and a boost in self-confidence, a great hookup can be yours.  Start with the following ten tips and get ready for some intense and exciting casual sex!

  • Look your best, be your best – the vast majority of women looking for a hookup are judging potential partners mostly on their looks and then their personality. Prepare yourself by cleaning up and dressing well in stylish clothes so you look good from across the room.  Whether she approaches you or you approach her, smile, be pleasant and friendly.  Show interest in her and what she has to say.
  • Search in the right places – some places and events are more promising for finding a hookup than others. Check out potential hookup partners at weddings, birthday bashes, dance clubs, nightclubs, or romantic vacation places like the beach.  On the other hand, work events, more formal dinner parties and family gatherings are not the places to search.
  • Watch her actions – you are at a prime location, now look for the girl who is bubbly, dancing, flirting, making eye contact with others, and checking out the room. If she appears approachable, fun-loving and looking for something, maybe that something is you!  Approach her with confidence and open with a straightforward introduction.  Nothing overly witty or corny here.  Then pay attention to how she responds and follow her lead.  Does she smile, respond with excitement or focus only on you?  Great, you are off to a good start.  Does she seem disinterested, short or distracted?  Time to move along.
  • Get to know each other – before jumping into bed, take some time to get to know each other a bit. No need to exchange detailed personal information, but find out a little about your potential partner.  Now is a great time to ask about her fantasies, its can get the mood rolling early and give you some idea about what she might be interested in doing later
  • Mutual respect – even for a hookup or one-night stand, treat your partner with respect and dignity. You are both in it for enjoyment, so enjoy but be respectful.  Treat them like you want to be treated.
  • Make it enjoyable for her too! – many men look at a hookup only as one dimensional, only for their pleasure and satisfaction. Remember there are two of you in bed.  Ask her what she likes and give her some special attention too.  If she is enjoying herself, you will have a better time too.
  • Spend some time afterward – don’t just head out the door once the activities are over. Ask her if she wants to spend more time together.  Women more than men often prefer to spend time together afterward.  Even if its simply falling asleep together for the night, spend the night and enjoy some non-sexual time together before leaving with grace and dignity.
  • Be honest – be honest with yourself about what you expect and desire. Ask her the same.  Knowing upfront what both of you expect will help eliminate hurt feelings and disappointments later.  If you are not looking for anything more than a hookup, let her know.
  • Be prepared – bring a condom or two with you so you are ready for action. There is no reason to not be prepared and risk contracting an STD or having an unplanned pregnancy.  Be smart – be prepared.
  • Be open to more – if the two of you hit it off and you think there might be something more, be open to the idea. Your partner may or may not feel the same way, but let them know and be ready to accept their response either way.

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