10 Qualities Women are Looking for in Men

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There are a lot of men out there who are unsuccessful with women. The reason for this may have to do with their false assumptions over what women are looking for in men. Most men will think women are looking for stereotypical manly traits like a big penis size or six-pack abs. While these physical features certainly wouldn’t hurt, they are not nearly as important as other more basic qualities. These are qualities that most men can obtain if they certainly work on changing themselves for the better.

Below are 10 qualities that the majority of women are looking to find in their potential male partner.

1) Decent Appearance

What is a decent appearance? This doesn’t mean you need to be super athletic or a gym rat. It just means you need to take care of yourself and not ignore your overall health and appearance. In other words, you need to keep up your personal hygiene, stay properly groomed, and wear clothes that are presentable in public. Most importantly, you need to care about nutrition and not allowing yourself to get too overweight.

2) Funny

Women love men with a sense of humor.  A man who lacks many other qualities could still win over a woman’s heart if he can make her laugh and smile. This could be a man who tells jokes, kids around, or simply understands how to make a woman feel better when she’s feeling sad. This is great news for funny unattractive men who want to end up with a beautiful woman.

3) Communication

There are a lot of men who are emotionally shut off from the opposite sex. They simply don’t know how to communicate what they’re truly feeling to the women in their lives. Women appreciate a man who is sensitive and not afraid to express themselves in an honest and personal way. If a man simply ignores his woman and doesn’t take the time to have deep conversations with her about their lives, then she’ll resent him for it.

4) Skilled

Women are very impressed with men who have a particular set of skills that many other men don’t have. These could be creative skills in anything like painting, sculpting, building, acting, playing an instrument, and so on. A man can typically use these skills to woo the woman that he adores.

5) Steady Employment

This should be an easy one for any man who has taken some level of responsibility in their life. A lot of women out there are not asking for the world, but they do want a man who at least has a steady job and earns consistent income. This doesn’t mean she only cares about money since it doesn’t have to be a six-figure income job. But it at least shows the woman that the man is responsible and won’t necessarily use her for money.

6) Success

If a man has some level of success in their lives, whether it is from something they’ve done in the past or a job they have in the present, women will certainly be turned on by that. They will feel proud to be by the man’s side because it makes them feel special that a successful man chose them. It may even improve their own social status too.

7) Family Values

Women who are looking for a committed relationship will certainly want a man that has good family values. This is a man who is honest, ethical, and likely wants to settle down and have children. If a man were to act uninterested in the idea of marriage and family, it might be a turn off to women who are looking for something more than just a fling.

8) Good Provider

Even though we live in the age of women’s equality and liberation, women still expect men to be financial providers for them. A man who doesn’t have the financial stability to support a girlfriend or spouse is likely not going to keep them for very long. Women are simply turned on by a man who can make them feel financially secure.

9) Intelligent

Contrary to popular belief, women are turned on by men who are intelligent and witty. That is why looks don’t always matter if a man has enough intelligence to make up for looks that are not so great. Plus, intelligent men are often the most successful men too. With this combination, women tend to flock to intelligent men because they know these men can provide the kind of security they’re looking for.

10) Confident

If you ask women about the number one quality that they’re looking for in a man, most of them will say it is confidence. A confident man who is comfortable under their own skin and in their own life will be a turn-on to most women. This is often the kind of man who knows what they want and is working hard every day to get it. This positivity coming from a man can turn women on and make them feel positive as well.



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